The Coolest Harry Potter T-Shirts Ever

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We do not need magic to transform the world. We carry the power we need inside ourselves already- J.K Rowling
Harry Potter creator JK Rowling’s rise to prominence is nothing short of magic. Rags to riches transformation she underwent are rare even in a world where with the right incantation and pointing of your wand you can turn any rabbit into a charming prince. Struggle against evil and dark forces is not new, the magic stories are also not new but this guy named Harry Potter and the charming world he lives in is never seen before. Let’s celebrate Harry Potter’s charm with the cool tees with lovely designs. Here is our take on the best Harry Potter t-shirt designs.  

1. Harry Potter – Wizards Unite : Not a very fancy design but its simplicity and direct call to action to unite is its biggest strength.

2. Harry Potter – Muggle Eye: This design features the words ‘Keep Magic from Muggle Eye” above the Wizards Unite Logo. Enjoy the cool font and overall eye catching design and be ready to be surprised how many will nod in agreement.

3. Harry Potter – Happiness: Who said kids stuff can’t be the source of wisdom? Well here is a wise quote from all knowing Dumbldore. Beautiful and thoughtful arrangement of words in really cool font.

4. Ravenclaw Crest: This design features the Ravenclaw crest with ravenclaw written at the bottom and a beautiful raven at the center of the crest.

5. Hufflepuff Crest: This design has Golden color Hufflepuff crest with Hufflepuff written at the bottom. Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses, valuing hard work, dedication, patience and loyalty. Wear this design proudly and silently publicize these higher values in an increasingly corrupt world. 

6. Gryffindor Crest: Another house crest from the Hogwartz School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

7. Slytherin Crest: This design comes with a statutory warning. It is not for those who are afraid of snakes or anything slimy.

8. Hogwarts Alumni: Which Harry Potter friend doesn’t wish to go to Hogwarts? And who doesn’t wish to be the alumni from this amazing school of witchcraft and wizardry? Flaunt your alumni status with this cool design.

9. Ravenclaw Crest – Black Design:This design features Ravenclaw crest but with a black design. The Raven at the center of the crest is also black. Whereas in earlier design it was white.

10. Marauder’s Map: Sport this crazy line, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” by wearing this unique design with slight deliberate imperfections.

11. Dobby in Silver: This design features lovable house elf in silver color. Don’t miss it even for your dear life. 

12. Niffler: This design features the magical creature Niffler with pink beak and feet and the rest of the body in black. Niffler was attracted to shiny things, hope you are not.

13. Hedwig in Flight: Show your love for your favorite owl by sporting this Hedwig in flight design.

14. Slytherin Crest On a Jersey: Again this is not for those who can’t stand the sight of snakes. This design has slytherin house crest on a jersey.

15. After All this Time: One of the most memorable moments from the Harry Potter movies along with the lines and tellingly shaped Petronus.

16. Platform nine and three by four : Well sporting this design could be your code for the fellow Potter fans because nobody else would guess what the hell it is. This design features the number of secret platform to board train to Hogwarts school.

17. Dumbledore’s Army: You can sign on with Harry’s rebel army sporting this design. It has an abbreviation for Dumbledore’s Army as DA in disproportionately large and bold font.

18. Hogwarts Castle: Enjoy the magnificent spires of Hogwarts castle splashed all over on your t-shirt. The sight of approaching boats with lamps is nothing short of being magical.

19. Quidditch World Cup: It is not always a fight between good and evil in the Harry Potter world, the inhabitants of this world have lots of fun too. Shout out your preference of the teams in this tournament, wearing this design.

20. Muggle: This design features the word Muggle in white letters. The font is unmistakably Harry Potterish.

21. Harry Potter Until the Very End: Your loved ones do want to see you there supporting them till the very end. So why not assure them about the same in style wearing this magnificent design

22. I am a Keeper: Well, are you? Nothing wrong in declaring to the world that you are, even if you aren’t. After all, not everyone can afford to be politically incorrect like Trump. Our recommendation is that you sport this design and mean it.

23. Crookshanks: Are you the bigger Harry Potter friend or your friends? Let’s find out, see how many of your friends can recognize Hermione Granger’s cat.

24. Harry Potter Love Potion in Glitter Ink: Amortentia is written at the top of the design, intriguing those who don’t know Latin and that’s almost everybody but their confusion is short lived as soon as they glance towards the middle; in the middle is a bottle with the label written as “Love Potion”.

25. Hermione Final Battle: This is a design with a whole t-shirt as a canvas. Epic like the battle in the movie.

26. Harry Potter First Year: Sport this design lest people have forgotten the innocence and cuteness of Daniel Radcliffe in the first Harry Potter movie. Again the whole t-shirt is the canvas kind of design.

27. Harry Potter Film List: Names of all the Harry Potter films listed on this t-shirt as if you and your friends needed another reminder.

28. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: This features silhouette design of Newt Scamander

29. Three Stand Alone: Again a silhouette design. It includes three main characters of the Harry Potter universe viz. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley design.

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