T-shirts: A New Way To Look At Streetwear

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Long gone are the times when you had to watch fashion weeks to get inspired closet because these days, anything you wear becomes fashion, and streetwear is all-new rage. However, many people confuse streetwear with a distressed pair of jeans accentuated with the tee and a hoodie, but it is not at all what streetwear is about.

We all follow the fashionista and influencers on Instagram with their top-notch wardrobe collection and on-fleek looks that can take anyone’s breathe away, but what goes behind those layers of the camera is known to nobody. With this blog, we are walking you down the lane of streetwear as it needs everything ranging from the knack of pop-culture savvy topped with the haute couture, and the infusion of self-awareness through the designs.

With an increment in the streetwear, custom shirts are the new trend that mixes both concepts rather perfectly. Both terms are about mix-matching the right layers to make an outfit that sets you apart in the crowd. For making such statements, you need two things for sure; some essential pieces of clothes (yes, we mean t-shirts!) and the creative mind.  With these two essentials, draw the basic outlines which not only reflect fashion but make you the fashion-forward person as that famous Instagram follower.

Needless to define, the curating of custom t-shirts in streetwear and how it can help make a luxury statement. So, let’s see what you have got to consider!

Fabric – When you want to hit the streets, cotton is your best friend, while oxford, twill, chambray, and jersey are the side chicks aimed at pulling the classic cotton trends. However, seersuckers are something to die for with its top-notch and luxury looks which are seaming into men’s collection where they can pull it off in professional meetings

Shape – There are some classic 90’s and modern approaches in the streetwear. The 90’s are all about loose shirts baggy pants and beanies. However, the modern approach is entitled to fusing the loose fits with long-line cuts that make you look like Gigi Hadid hitting the streets in NYC

Consistency – Consistency is all about your own self because you need to pick the right mix of styles that is contemporary, classic, and downright fashion while sticking to the styles

Once you have this trio in your mind and wardrobe, let’s see how you are going to style the custom t-shirts to create the streetwear that everyone eyes!

Bring Back The Classic With Blue Jeans

 This is a top-notch staple that deserves a heart place in every streetwear-loving’s wardrobe. The pop-culture inspires streetwear, and blue jeans have a similar origin. The fusion of youth and urban attire that brings you on the railroad of selvage. To crank up the notch, stripes in denim are something that cannot go wrong, and raw denim is all you need to make a streetwear statement.

Inspired Pieces of Layers

No matter if you are into fandom, fiction, or army, the inspired pieces of clothing are all you need to make the fashion statement. The Thor printed on the back of the jacket, baggy pants lined with army print, and a custom t-shirt with your favorite character printed on it aimed at inculcating versatility into clothing. No matter what you are adding in, it needs to fit the rigout!

Sweats Are The Fashion You Need

Long gone the times when sweatpants were considered the sign of being a “slob” because sweatpants are the new fashion these days given the matter that sweats are a new symbol of rich and luxury.


You cannot hit the streetwear world without a hoodie, and it’s an integral part of the streetwear ensemble. However, you need to choose the “right” hoodie with top-notch fittings, short body, tight cuffs, and the adjustable hood that looks chic while making you look classy. But some people think that bigger the hoodie, bigger the statement, so yeah, it falls to your personal choice!

Never Forget To Experiment

Fashion is all about experimenting, and with the streetwear, you need to experiment with different layers to make the content statement. Learn to stay on the classic railroad while being trendy because that’s all the timelessness you need to hit the streets.

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