Finding The Perfect Color Combination For Your Custom Apparel

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Those monochromatic blue t-shirts are everyone’s favorites, but with the recent rage in the new fashion world, the blue has been lost and it’s upsetting for the ones who love to flex it. Let’s get on the limb and sorry for not being sorry, but you have got to have a blue t-shirt in the wardrobe.  According to a custom shirts vendor that does t-shirt printing in Houston.

However, styling them becomes a little tricky (because what one can possibly wear with a monochrome blue shirt!) To style the shirt for a corporate event, silver jewelry is an apt choice while it won’t go with the casual dresses. In other words, one needs to tone out the neutrals and play with accessories to style one blue t-shirt in multiple ways. This blog is all about making a statement wherever you go. So, pick up that shirt because you are going to get some groove with it!

Silvers Are Savvy

The shirt might be monochrome (and only one!), but styling it in different ways is all you need to hit the road or meeting. Needless to say that silver jewelry is the timeless piece of art which are never gonna get out of style but the condition remains the main; you need to know how to style it. It doesn’t matter if you are using the sterling silver, top-notch silver jewelry crusted with the stones, or the plated jewelry, these pieces are meant to help you make an elegant statement.

If you want to unfussy and minimalistic look, small silver accessories are all you need. Carrying the simple blue t-shirt can be pretty obscure, but finding the right pieces of jewelry is integral for adding intricate details to the shirt. However, if you want some vibrancy, huge-sized pieces are the rage encrusted with the precious stones. This vibrant look is perfect even for corporate meetings. No matter what size of silver you choose, don’t forget to balance!

The Glowing Golden

The fusion of blue and glowing gold is all you need to develop the chic image that resonates brightness through the apparel. Blue can look dark sometimes, and no matter how much silver complements you, gold will empower you to stand out from the crowd. But going overboard with gold can ruin the overall look and you need to be mindful of the amount of gold you wear. For instance, you need to choose between the hair clip, earrings, and brooch to turn into a head-turner.

However, if you want to opt for the classy look, a heavy gold necklace or the golden scarf will assist you without making you look tawdry. So, adapt to this fashion approach because looking flashy is the last thing you need to hit the formal event.

Yellow Is The New Black

We understand that gold can be a little intimidating or dazzling for some events, which makes room for yellow because it is undoubtedly the brightest of all. However, it can be tricky to pull off, and one needs to choose the yellow accessories carefully to turn that simple blue t-shirt into the trendiest outfit on the corner. But never pair yellow with blue for the formal events because let’s be practical, corporate people don’t want to see you opulent side!

Mermaid’y Coral

Every woman has fantasized Ariel, the mermaid, and to create a majestic look, and corals are the new fashion trends on the block. Yellows can be hard to pull while silver and gold can be too flaky which turns table for corals. The perfect option is to invest in the coral handbag and wear it around like a cross-body bag while hitting the street!

Pearly Magic

Pearls are the ultimate epitome of sophistication, and when paired with blue, it can make the chic yet formal look like never before. Princess Diana is the role model for women who want to add pearls because the pearls might not shine like diamonds, but their subtle glamour can make the heads turn. You can opt for a pearl necklace or the studs that complement the look. However, lately, there has been a rage about pearly hairclips and we can easily say we are in love with them.

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